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Study In Singapore

Study In Singapore


Singapore is one of the best places in Asia to pursue Business Management, Computing & IT, and Hospitality or Tourism courses. The universities in Singapore are globally recognized and encourage independent learning, high quality education, multiple intakes, possibility of admission & visa without IELTS. It maybe a small country, but scope for higher education in Singapore is significant. English is the officially designated language for the education system.

Singapore is an amazing place with dynamic economy. It has been top rated country in term of doing business across the world. It is not only one of the most economic options but also one of the safest places in Asia to pursue higher studies. Additionally, institutions from the USA, UK and Australia have opened satellite campuses in Singapore to offer their courses at a subsidized cost. International student’s desires to pursue education in Singapore will enjoy access to world-class technology in conducive learning environment.

List of universities

  • James Cook University (JCU)
  • Management Development Institute of Singapore
  • Raffles College of Higher Education
  • Kaplan Higher Education Academy
  • Nanyang Institute of Management
  • London School of Business and Finance, Singapore
  • East Asia Institute of Management (EASB)
  • M2 Academy
  • SIM Global Education
  • American Center of Education.
  • S P Jain School of Global Management – Dubai, Singapore & Sydney
  • Curtin University of Technology, Singapore (Curtin, Singapore)
  • Dimensions International College, Singapore
  • Amity Global Business School

Study In Singapore

  • Singapore is also a hot-bed of technological and IT invention and innovation. It has been named the most innovative country throughout the entire Asia Pacific region
  • It’s a global business hub More than 7000 Multinational Corporations (MNC) alongside 1,00,000 small and medium enterprises (SME) have set up their base in Singapore
  • Singapore is an amazing place with dynamic economy. It has been top rated country in term of doing business across the world.
  • High standards of living are something that student can be assured of.
  • It is one of the most attractive countries for foreigners seeking highly-skilled work and being a hub for business and high-tech industries in South-East Asia
  • Fastest visa process with minimal financial documents, affordable tuition fees and living expenses, paid-unpaid internships are the beneficial aspects
  • They offer international students a high probability of in-country employment after graduation.