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Why Masters in the UK is the best choice?

Why Masters in the UK is the best choice?

ByAdminJul 08

United Kingdom- Famous for its rich culture and art, has been one of the favourite destinations amongst Indian youth for quite a long time. Its rich history linked to around the world has been an attractor for the world.

Any undergrad looking for global education and want to acquire quality education might consider the United kingdom the best option as it offers cheaper education and world-renowned universities.

Here are some compelling reasons one should consider that no one tells you:

Short term courses

As compared to the USA and Canada, Uk hosts courses which are short term and are world recognized. So two years of a Masters degree in America will be equal to one year's master's program in the UK. Some eligibility criteria might alter but that is to compensate for one year's course. This will help you save your money on tuition fees but time to reach the desired job for which you are taking the course.

Part-Time Job

Most Universities in the USA do not allow the students to work off-campus during the first semester of the course. Why is it a setback, one may question? On-campus, jobs are difficult to get as the crowd is big and jobs are less. However, in the UK, you can get permission to work part-time from the very beginning of the course initiation. Many students even go a week or month prior just to save some chunks of money before the course commences.

Even in some cases, Universities have student counsel which helps students get a part-time job and accommodation during the orientation program. This contributes to a welcoming nature, the UK is famous among students.

As per the Student Policy, an international student can work 20 hours per week part-time and 40 hours per week during the semester break.

Health care for Students

Europe is famous for its world-class health care facilities. Whether it's France, Spain or any other European member. Apart from Medical Insurance, you have to take as a student, there are many other facilities the UK gives to its guest students. As an International Undergrad student, you will have access to the health care facility of the UK government. You will have the leverage of getting free medical assistance in case of emergency while studying through the National Health Services (NHS).

To avail that service there would be some formalities you have to take care of and pay a small amount to International health surcharge (IHS).

To get detailed information contact Knowledge Kingdom counsellors.

Travel, Travel, Travel!

COVID-19 breakdown might have broken the backbone of tourism around the world, but European countries are bringing new and effective ways to eradicate the hurdles while keeping the safety of people first.

The UK is in short reach to almost all major travel destinations. Be it France or Spain or Germany. Take a train or a flight and get away from studies for a quick weekend break. The distance might be from 400 to 1200 kilometres and to be honest living in a vast country like India we are already used to long travels like these. You can travel and make memories while studying the country.

Financial Freedom

British universities are always in favour of helping bright minds. They have multiple scholarships, bursaries and grants to help students lessen the burden of tuition fees. Also because the courses are of short duration, so saves a lot of money from tuition fees.

Even before the university initiates the fee submission for Visa, they give some per cent of fees waiver based on the student profile.

The UK is considered the best among the top countries around the world, But most of the universities prefer a partnership with the local consultants to help students get to them.

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